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My Passion is to Help you unleash your hidden potential and live your life purpose!

I Am Marlie Love, 
A Positive Psychology Certified Life Coach and Author.  

If your feel like something is always holding you back. That something can be fear, anxiety, or it might not have a name. You know you want more for your life, but you aren’t even sure how to get there.  Do you know that you have a God-given purpose, but you aren’t sure what it is…?


If you want to be successful and happy, but dread going to your current 9 - 5 job everyday.  If you thought by going to college you would find the "perfect" career, but you're just stuck in a cubicle.
If you get anxious to take a day off of work because of what your coworkers or bosses may say…


Imagine you are finally free from those crippling thoughts and anxious feelings. Imagine you are working in the perfect career that allows you to live your purpose, is geared to your natural strengths, and pays the bills!  Imagine knowing that a goal you set for yourself will happen and will result in happiness in your life. Imagine knowing who God is in your life! Imagine that you can open the right doors in your life, that only God can do! Imagine waking up knowing you're doing what you were created to do! Imagine positive thoughts coming to your mind anytime a challenge is presented.

Let's work together!


Live your Purpose Coaching!


About Marlie Love

Marlie helps women xennials and millennials live their purpose and destiny.

Marlie believes that fear and anxiety are the main oppressors to one NOT living their purpose and finding their ultimate happiness. She helps people learn how to fight their fears, be free from their anxiety, and make a concrete plan to get them to their desired dream, passion, or profession!

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