Five EASY ways to change your mood from negative to positive!

Sometimes life just gets to us! No matter how positive we are, that funk can still try to knock us down! We live in the world and the world is not perfect. So, at times our lives aren't perfect.

However, there are ways to instantly get you out of that funk!

1. Change your music!

If wake up listening to a song that makes you feel like you want to cry or reminds you of that crazy ex… of course you’re going to be feeling down. When you find yourself in a slump at anytime during the day, throw on your favorite song! That song that reminds you of laughing with your friends, your favorite loved one, or it just warms your spirit. That jolt of happiness, will help you turn your frown upside down.
TIP: Create a happy playlist! This way you know exactly where to go when you’re feeling down. Also, don’t just wait to throw on your happy playlist when you are feeling sad. Listen to it consistently, so you can build that wall of positivity around you.

2. Start Dancing!
Have you ever danced and not smiled? Dancing is fun! Even if you can’t dance (like me), there’s still something about doing it that will make you forget why you were upset in the first place.
TIP: If you’re at work and can’t bust a move in your cubicle… go to a bathroom stall and just start moving! You can also go to your car and start dancing! OR get your whole office to start dancing! You never know, you can be responsible for uplifting everyone’s spirits!


3. Speak how you WANT to feel.
If you’ve read any of my other post, blogs, statuses or watched any of my videos, you know how much I stress the importance of words! What you speak comes into existence. “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences!” Proverbs 18:21. If you continue to say, “I hate this…” “I feel horrible..” “This sucks…”; you’ll continue to feel like that. Speak how you want to feel!
TIP: Have some affirmations (declarations or decrees) together so you know exactly what to say to get yourself out of that funk. I have some great beginner affirmations you can download for only $1.00. 

4. PRAY!
Prayer moves mountains! This should actually be the first thing you should do when feeling down. God answers prayers, and his presence is like nothing else. He knows what your heart desires, and wants to give you what your heart desires. So, ask him to help you change your mood, and trust that he will.
TIP: Have a few go to prayers that seem to give you that peace. It could be the Lord’s prayer or something that you’ve made up. God hears all of our prayers!

5. Plan something fun!

If you find yourself bored and in a blah mood, plan a fun outing! It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and you can even do it by yourself! Go see a funny movie… go for a walk at the park.. go shopping… go do something that you like to do! Sometimes you may need to take that “mental” health day at work, and spend the day watching Netflix in bed. Why not? We all deserve to have some fun, and participating in that fun will help boost your mood.
TIP: If you notice you’re about to go on the deep end, plan something at that moment! Don’t wait until you are in such a deep space, that nothing sounds fun to you.  


If you feel like you can’t get your light back and you keep going deeper; please contact me for coaching. I’ll help you learn more techniques to keep yourself in a happier space. Life is meant to be enjoyed!