7 steps to take for healing after the Trump election.

The Trump election has this country (and most of the world) split. Do you support him or do you not? If you ask this question to many, you will probably receive a passionate answer. If someone asks you the question, “do you support Trump”, and the first emotions that come out you are anger, frustration, confusion, pride, or arrogance; that could mean you need to heal. Being controlled by those negative emotions (or spirits, as I like to call them), can lead you down a dangerous path. Negative emotions will appear because they are a part of this world, but they are meant to be controlled - not command someone’s life. I’ve outlined seven very easy steps that you can do, that will help remove the negative emotions you are feeling, and turn them into something positive and powerful.

7 steps of healing:

1.       Write

2.       Reflect

3.       Pray

4.       Take Action

5.       Become Aware

6.       Find Peace

7.       Affirm


1.       Write

To start: Write how you are feeling about Trump at this moment, or write about how you felt once Trump was elected into the office. Sit in a quiet room alone, and express your feelings on paper (or type it out on your computer). This exercise can take five minutes or it can take a few hours. It’s all up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to write out how you are feeling about the president. Don’t hold back when writing. Let it all out. 

2.       Reflect

Next: Reflect on what you just wrote down. Re-read what you wrote out loud (this is why you should write this alone). Are your words reflective of the type of person you are? Are your feelings an accurate picture of how you want to feel every day? Would you want others to hear what you wrote down? Do your words upset you? Do your words make you feel proud of yourself?

3.       Pray

Next: Pray about what you just learned about yourself after you reflected. Pray about what you need more of in your heart, and what you don’t want in your heart anymore. Do you need more understanding? Do you need more strength? Do you need more courage? Are you tired of being fearful? Are you tired of just being tired? Ask God to give that to you through prayer.  

An example of a prayer: Father, I come to you in this hour. I am asking that you provide me with (add good qualities here). Also, Father, please take away the spirit of (add bad qualities here). I thank you! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

4.       Take Action

Next: This next step can happen right after you pray or in the next few hours or days. Think about how you want to make the world a better place. What is the first thing that pops into your mind? Write it out! This can be something as small as smiling at everyone you walk past or it could be as big as starting an organization to help the homeless. The key is to write down your action plan! Once you have your first action plan written out, meditate on it. By meditate on it, I mean to lay down and think about it. Visualize that plan. See that positive action spread to make a positive difference in the world. Believe that you can take this action step!

5.       Become Aware

Next: Are you aware of what opportunities are out there to make a difference that corresponds with your action(s) plan? If not, start researching. Google – research – contact. You could find a group of like-minded individuals that are waiting for someone like you. You may also find that no one is doing what you would like to do, and in turn, you can start the positive movement that is needed. It’s always good to be aware of the resources that are available out there already. It can give you an extra boost to change the world.

6.       Peace

Next: PEACE - this is an extremely important step in this process. When you have written, reflected, prayed, planned your action, and gained awareness; it’s time to find some peace of mind. A peaceful mind is a mind that can make a big difference in this world. Having peace doesn’t mean you FORGET about the injustices of the world. Obtaining peace means that you know you are taking the necessary action steps, and in the meantime, you are still living a fulfilling life. Finding inner peace will allow your mind to make rational decisions, and allow you to free up mental space to be at your best. Welcoming peace will also allow you to work with people that may have different opinions as you, but you can still understand where they are coming from. As Americans, we need to protect the right of our freedoms, and we can start by listening to people that voted for Trump and people that didn’t vote for Trump. Peace will allow us to do that.

7.       Affirm

Lastly: Now that you have allowed the spirit of peace to come to you; it’s time to start speaking it! Positive affirmations are critical to positive change. The words that come out of our mouth can and will come true. Unfortunately, that can also applies to negative speaking! If you are speaking negatively, negative things will happen. Speak about your positive action(s) and only your positive action(s). Don’t give any attention to news stories, articles, press, etc. that focus on the negative side of things. Doing this will allow you to keep and live a positive lifestyle as you are making this change. Positivity will always bring positive results – Negativity will always bring negative results. Which would you rather have?

If you would like to continue healing in other ways, I can help you with that! Through life coaching, I help you live a positive lifestyle, that results in less stress and negativity. We are meant to live a happy life, it’s time to start doing it