Why you should start soaking in God’s presence today!

The one thing I ask of the Lord—the thing I seek most—is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, delighting in the Lord’s perfections and meditating in his Temple.
— (Psalm 27:4, NLT, italics added)

You may be asking yourself, what is soaking in God’s presence? Soaking in God’s presence is a practice that can help bring you to a place of intimacy with God. Soaking, or commonly known as soaking prayer, is when you spend time in God’s presence. Meaning, you patiently wait for the Holy Spirit to come down to you. King David (a prominent figure in the Bible aka known as a man close to God’s heart), spoke about this practice in the Bible (see Psalm 27:4). When you spend time in God’s presence, it gives you access to all that God has for us. We can discover our purpose in life by spending time with God through soaking. Soaking is the ultimate form of meditation. I personally feel that it’s where the practice of meditation originated.  

When you are “soaking” in the presence of God, your spirit is in communion/one with him. Soaking is such an intimate act, I personally don’t want to write about a “specific” formula on how to do it. Yet, I have some steps below that I’ve learned from other teachers (pastors, preachers, apostles, prophets), on how to soak to feel God’s presence. Before you start, there is one requirement that is needed to fully embrace God’s presence through soaking, and that is being born again. You must have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Make no mistake, the Holy Spirit lives in all of us, but when you proclaim that Jesus Christ is your Lord, that is when the Holy Spirit awakens inside of you and starts working on your behalf. If you haven’t made Jesus your Lord and Savior – click here to do that now.  I promise you, it is the best miracle one could have in their life, it's the ultimate transformation!

Now – here are some easy and basic steps to start your soaking journey!

  1. First: Go to a private room (I usually go to my bedroom). You can lay on the floor or lay in bed (I lay in bed, some like to kneel on the floor). The main focus is to be somewhere quiet and private (lock your door if people like to barge in the room you pick).
  2. Next: Repent of any sin and accept God’s forgiveness. God always forgives us when we truly repent. We don’t need to feel guilty or feel like we need to hide from the Lord. He loves us more than we can ever imagine. Allow him to love you and forgive you.
  3. Next: This next step is what I do personally, other’s may do different things. I begin to play soaking worship music. I like playing soaking worship music because it brings a lighter peace and tranquility to the room. I feel it helps usher in more of God’s presence.
    • There are specific worship artists that are known for their soaking music: Rohn Bailey, Grace Williams, Julie True, Ruth Bazel, Freddy Hayler … a few of my favorites. If you like, you can Google “soaking worship songs” and find some other artists. I made a playlist on Tidal (thanks Jay Z!). You can also make a playlist on YouTube… I used to have mine on there, but I didn’t like the commercials playing while I was soaking. 
  4. Next: You can begin to pray (I do this with my music on in the background). Sometimes, I pray in my head sometimes and sometimes I pray out loud. The first prayer I start with is “Holy Spirit, you are welcome here. Holy Spirit, please come. In Jesus Name” This prayer invites the Holy Spirit to bring in God’s presence wherever I am. You can pray about things you are going through. You can thank God for blessings. You can ask him questions…etc. This step isn’t about praying the perfect prayer, it’s about developing a relationship with God. If you know how to pray in the Holy Ghost, you can do this at this time as well.
  5. Next: Once you pray for a little bit, start to rest and relax. This is when you wait on the Lord to come. For me, I simply listen to the words of the music playing and visualize myself with Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. You can imagine yourself talking to Jesus too! You can imagine yourself laying on a beach…. you can imagine yourself talking to God.. talking to the Holy Spirit. Your options are open! However, I suggest you only imagine or visualize peaceful things.
  6. Next: This is the best part! You will soon begin to feel God’s presence. It can take five minutes or it can take a few hours. It’s always different for me. Make sure your eyes are closed! Don’t get up or open your eyes until you start to feel that presence. That intimate moment WILL come. You’ll know it when it does. Once you feel the presence of God, that’s when you begin “soak it in”. You are basically resting in his presence. 

Other amazing things that can happen to you while soaking are: 

- Seeing God visions
- Having God ordained dreams
- Angelic visitations
- Being transported to Heaven

Some ways you'll know God's presence is there is if you:

- Start to feel a warmth in your body
- Feel lighter in your body, like you are floating
- You start crying or weeping (happily)
- Feel a sense of peace and calmness
- Feel electricity go through your body

Just know, that you shouldn’t feel fearful or afraid when soaking (when you have worship music on, negative/evil flees).

Follow these simple steps to begin to start soaking in God’s presence. As explained at the beginning of this post, soaking is something that you do to seek God and have a more intimate relationship with him.  When you start soaking and spending time in God’s presence, your life will begin to positively shift in ways you couldn’t even imagine! God wants us all to have an intimate relationship with him, so he can bless us even more. He’s not mad at you. He loves you. So quiet yourself, seek him, and start soaking!

If you would like me to go into more detail about soaking, please contact me today! With God's help and influence, we can work together to help discover your purpose, passion, and joy in this world! It's time to TRANSFORM your life

Great resources to extend your knowledge about soaking in God's presence below: