Five Benefits of a Life Coach!

Five benefits of a life coach! I wrote this blog because a lot of people ask me, what is a life coach and why do I need one? Well, the official definition of a "Life Coach" (according to Google) is "a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges". Sounds pretty awesome, right? The official definition “tells” you what a life coach is, but doesn’t really let you know why you would benefit from hiring a life coach. For example, “personal challenges” ... personal challenges can mean a lot of things. I see why people are still asking me …. ok so, why do I need a life coach?? Below are five benefits to working with a life coach… specifically ME (Marlie Love)! 

1.    Life coaches push you through fear!
Fear is an ugly thing. It can cause a lot of people to miss their purpose and destiny. As your life coach, I see your full potential (even if you can’t at the moment). I understand how fear operates, and I make sure to give you the proper resources to push through it. Fear will come (especially when searching for your life purpose). However, having someone there to remind you of your goals, dreams, and desires; is exactly what is needed to make sure you reach your highest potential.

2.    Life coaches build your self-confidence!
Unfortunately, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. We can drag our own names through the mud, and cause unhappiness. As your life coach, you learn how truly believe in yourself. No more self-doubt or self-destruction. I teach you how to believe in YOU.

3.    Life coaches help you with practical day-to-day things!
Do you seem to struggle with time management, work performance, business management, or your daily life? As your life coach, we work through the blocks that are causing you to stumble in your day-to-day life.

4.    Life coaches understand the true you!
Sometimes change is hard because we are constantly reminded of who we WERE by friends, family, and coworkers. As your life coach, I get to know the person you want to be, and I help you fully transform into that person. No judgement or preconceived notions are made through your transformation.

5.    Life coaches are knowledgeable!
Most life coaches have or had life coaches themselves (I know I have!). I’ve gone through the work that you want to go through. I’ve pushed through the fear, took leaps of faith, I’ve studied human nature (positive psychology to be specific). Since I went through these things, I know what to expect. I know that you can survive and thrive through it all. I’ve done my five step purpose process, and it WORKS!  

As a life coach, I was innately built to counsel and encourage people through different and transformational periods in their lives. Although I only outline five benefits of using a life coach, the benefits are limitless. Try out life coaching with a 30 minute breakthrough call! You can schedule one by clicking here (only $10 until June 1, 2018 - then price increases to $35)! Let me help you live the best life you can live! As Doug Addison has said, “It’s time to get out of the wilderness and into your purpose”