Marlie Love’s Positive and Negative Word Water Experiment # 1.

I’ve always read about the effects of positive and negative words to plants and water. Being one that loves to preach about using positive words, I thought I should do one of these experiments…. to be completely honest, I felt like God was instructing me to do the experiment ( I like to call those "God ideas"). So, on Friday, July 21, 2017, I started my first positive and negative word experiment!!

I decided that I would speak positive words into one glass of water and negative words into another glass of water. I also decided to write positive and negative words and tape them on the respective glasses. Lastly, I decided to document this experiment on Periscope and add daily pictures and video links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I put one cup of tap water in the same type of glass and sat them in the same spot (my kitchen lol) for the full experiment. During the experiment, I barely spoke while in the kitchen and made sure my husband didn’t really go in there (which was easy for him lol).

It was easy for me to speak positively to the water, but really hard for me to speak negatively.

I even documented myself speaking into the water live. ** Intense **

The results did not surprise me… below are the daily results and my live recorded videos from Periscope. Enjoy!

Day 1 (Intro and Day one speaking):

Periscope Link: &


Day 3: I think is the day someone on Periscope said I was “watching too many documentaries” ha! It’s good news when you get your first “hater”. That means you’re doing something right!

Periscope link:

Overall, I felt that the negative speaking effected the water negatively. A random white film started to form at the bottom. I also felt that the negative water started to smell sort of sour. It was very random. The positive water stayed crystal clear the whole time. I also felt like it had a sweet aroma coming from it at times too. This short experiment showed me that words do matter, even to random glasses of water!

I decided to continue my experiments on water after this one. I am currently testing positive and negative news stories and the effects it has on water. Be sure to check out my Facebook page for updates. I’ll be blogging about that soon. I LOVE doing this!! 


If you want to learn to speak more positively and learn how to use words to change your life, contact me today!