Seven ways to live life to the fullest....TODAY!

Ok, I know I’m late to this… but who watches the show “This is US”? I’m about to watch the season finale of the first season. Before I watch the finale, let me just say… this show is GOOD!! It shows us that life can be messy, but we still have to go on. When bad things happen, we can’t just stop living… we have to pick up and keep going. This show is so engaging and pulls at your heart strings. Sometimes when watching it, you forget that it’s actually a tv show. I LOVE IT!

The show got me thinking… how many of us live life to the fullest? It's what we need to do!!! NO more excuses.. we only get one life to live! We need to make it count!!

So I’ve outlined seven ways that you can live your life to the fullest TODAY… not tomorrow… not in a few weeks…. but things you can do right now!

  1. Wake up and find something to be thankful about.
    Hey, you’re awake, right? That could be one thing you're thankful for....
  2. Tell your significant other you love them.
    It feels good to be told that we’re loved right? Telling our significant other that we love them, brings joy to them and yourself.
  3. Read a feel good article that interests you.
    Instead of turning on the news in the morning, read something that will inspire you. Something that will help you step toward the life you want to live.
  4.  Don’t allow others to bring you down.
    We all have that negative coworker who wants to complain about everything. Don’t hang around that person and don’t engage in the negative conversation with them.
  5. Plan a fun event for the weekend or your next day off!
    It’s great to look forward to something fun and exciting! Don’t let your weekends go to waste by binging Netflix shows (I’ve been there, trust me).
  6. Talk to someone new!
    There may be a person you keep running into, but you don’t say hi. Or a friend that you lost connection with… reach out to them and say hi!
  7. Find a new verse!
    I love reading the Bible. There are so many verses in there that can apply to every single facet of your life. When you start reading and learning them, you’ll know what to do to continue a positive lifestyle.

Do you have other ways that can help you live life to the fullest? Comment below or Facebook, Tweet, or Instagram me!


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