You don’t have to be EXTREME!

Since I’m working from home and for myself, self-discipline is so important. Especially for a woman who loves reality shows (I’ll be a Real Housewife one of these days soon!). Social media is also something that I have to be careful about. I need to be careful because I have to post on social media for my business… but I also don’t need to check it and scroll every 5 minutes lol.

SO, I was thinking… I’m not going to stop watching my Housewives. However, I can hold that obsession off until after business hours.

Now, the social media got me thinking. The main problem I had was with Facebook. I needed to stop checking it every 5 minutes, thinking I would see something new. So, the immediate thought I had was to deactivate my whole Facebook. However, that was just absurd! A lot of my business comes from Facebook. So, I self-reflected and realized that I checked social media mostly on my phone, because my phone goes everywhere with me ( I could be a little addicted to my phone too… but that’s for another blog post 😊).  

So I was thinking, what can I do, to make sure I don’t have social media temptation around me as much…

This is what I did. I just deleted the Facebook app from phone. By doing this, I kept myself from easily hitting a button and scrolling. I can still check Facebook from my computer, but for some reason, when I check Facebook from my laptop, I am on it for less than 30 seconds… it’s not as easy lol.

By doing just deleting the app, I realized that my productivity for that day skyrocketed!!!

I also realized that there’s nothing pressing about checking Facebook every hour…. Except a few likes and comments.

So, with this short blog post, I wanted to tell you that when making any changes, you can make baby steps. You don’t have to go extreme like I was thinking of first! IE: Deactivate your social media accounts (which can be very unrealistic these days) SO, like my baby step, of just deleting the app to be more productive during work time worked! You can take a baby step too first.
Let me know about your baby step by commenting below!




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