Three Steps to Take When you Just Want to Give Up!

Have you ever woke up one morning and started to freak out because you felt like you had no idea what you were doing….  and you felt like a complete fool….. AND you can’t believe you left your corporate job to “follow your dreams”…. AND things just aren’t happening fast enough for you…. AND maybe you can just go and beg for your old job back….

Oh just me?

It seems like, as humans, when we get a little out of comfort zone, we try to find any excuse we can to go back to where we felt “safe”. However, if you’re always in your comfort zone, you’ll never truly know what it feels like to grow, thrive, and LIVE! So, before you let those lies cause you to retreat back to safety, here are some steps to take when you feel like giving up.

  1. Write down your achievements! Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come. Take some time to write out all that you’ve done. It can be all you’ve done this year, last year, or your lifetime. I know that when you begin this exercise, you can see how far you’ve really come.
  2. Don’t believe the negative thoughts! Here’s the thing, yes at times we may be off track and we need to rearrange some things. However, we need to make sure we aren’t changing everything because of a condemning voice in our mind. God doesn’t condemn us, He loves us. So, if the thoughts aren’t coming from a loving place, then don’t believe that thought. How do you know if it’s a God thought, compared to a negative/devil thought? Test your thought. Is the thought angry or make you hate yourself – that’s a negative/devil thought. Is the thought providing instruction with encouragement – that’s a God thought. It’s really simple. We just have to take the time to assess what’s coming through our mind. Then we can choose to believe it or throw it out and keep going.
  3. Talk to someone you trust! I know for me, it’s hard to admit when I’m feeling down. I think it’s because I am usually positive 90% of the time, and because life is life, I still can struggle. However, it’s important to talk to a family member, friend, life coach, mentor, etc. if you aren’t feeling like yourself. They can help build you back up. It’s nice to hear good things about yourself, when you aren’t feeling it at the moment. Be sure to talk to someone you trust and who is naturally positive. You don’t want to spill your guts to someone you can’t trust and who never believed in you. That’s why I think we all need life coaches, because they are trained to help motivate you in the most effective ways.

Don’t allow the thoughts of giving up plague you anymore. You are doing a great job! You can do this! Don’t give up yet, your breakthrough is basically here! You’re changing the world, we need you!

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