Why you should never give up on your dream!


Dreams are a great thing, and something we are told we need to follow at a very young age. I feel like I was always a dreamer as a kid, and I still am! However, I won’t say it was always easy to be a dreamer. It can be hard in today’s world to believe that anything is possible (right?). BUT, I want you to begin to believe that anything is possible no matter what age you are!!

If you know me, I like to practice what I preach! I can’t give you advice and not believe it myself. When I was on my purpose journey, I remember watching the show, “It’s Supernatural” hosted by Sid Roth. I love this show! It really helps me grow in my faith. I watched a program that taught me about declaring God’s word in your life and how it can change everything. The guest was prophet, Dr. Hakeem Collins, and he spoke about his book, “Heaven Declares”, and how it would change your life within 90 days. Each day there was a prophetic word, decrees, and a prayer to help bring your purpose out. I thought, why not, I’m going to get this book!!

Let me tell you, this book was EVERYTHING! It pulled out my purpose in me! I learned how important decrees and declarations were, and I was speaking life EVERY DAY! The book changed my life!! At that moment, I thought, I need to connect with Dr. Hakeem Collins and let him know how important that book was for me. (that’s not too creepy, right lol?)


It took me about six months before I followed Dr. Hakeem on Instagram, and tagged him, and let him know how awesome his book was. He said thank you, and I was shocked he replied to my comment!

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with not giving up on your dreams, right? Well, around a year later I had the opportunity to get my book published by, Bootstrap Publishing! I couldn’t believe it! I had written by book a year earlier and had great testimonials, but I thought that was it. God had a greater plan for me though!

So, as I was talking with my publisher, she asked if I knew anyone that would like to write the foreword for the book. Instantly, Dr. Hakeem came to my mind. He’s a big reason I wrote my book! However, fear started to creep in my mind and say, “Dr. Hakeem is a best-selling author, why would he ever write a foreword for your book?”. But remember what I said at the beginning of this blog… I’m a dreamer! I told myself, why not, all he can say is no, right?

So, I did what any millennial would do… I sent him a message in Instagram direct message LOL! I asked if he would ever consider writing a foreword for my book? I prayed and waited… and within a few days I got a…. YES!!! I can’t tell you how happy I was!!! I got the person who inspired me to write, to write a foreword for ME!!! God will answer your prayers, don’t give up!! I know Jesus is behind all of this, and I am so humbled and grateful for God’s mercy, love, and favor on my life.  

My newly published book, Five Steps to Finding your Purpose and Destiny, will have an AMAZING foreword from best selling author and prophet Dr. Hakeem Collins! You need this book! It will change your LIFE!!! Pre-orders are now available! The official release date is September 28, 2018!!


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