One Month "Find your Freedom" Coaching Sessions.


This one month coaching program will be completed via phone or Zoom. 

Are you tired of being burnt out at your job? Are you confused as to whether quit your current position or stay there? Do you want another job, but afraid you're going to make the same mistake again? Do you love your coworkers, but hate your job? Are you afraid that you'll never be happy again?

I've been where you've been, and know how damaging it can be! I am a living testimony! I still pinch myself every morning, because I can't believe I'm living the life I visualized for myself! 


Work with ME!





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What happens when you work with Marlie Love:

Clarity -> Get clarity on what you were born to do. Understand what steps you need to take to find your God-given life's purpose. Understand what it means to live a purposeful life and how you can get there.

Understanding -> Marlie understands where you've been, because she's been there too. She has lived your life, and has come out of it happier, healthier, and more content than she ever thought she could be. 

Happiness -> You’ll begin to live a happy life. A life that is positive, peaceful, and joyful. Negative energy will be removed, so you can be surrounded by positive energy.

Action -> You’ll learn the action steps needed to live your purposeful and ideal life. You’ll begin to step out and physically see the positive changes that will happen in your life.


One month "Find your Freedom" Coaching Sessions

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One Month "Find Your Freedom" Coaching Sessions

With this coaching program, you meet with Marlie four times, for 30 minutes, in one month. During this month, you will: Know your ideal career field, understand what's stopping you from being happy, know how to stop burnout, and much more.

Marlie will help you understand why you feel burnt out, why you "hate" your job, and what you need to do next to find happiness. Marlie will work with you to set yourself up for career success with resume help and LinkedIn help. She will also provide resources to help you find a new career, if necessary.

This coaching program is for people who feel stuck in their current job position, who feel like they made a mistake in their career choices, who are just plain tired of what they do, and who want a new fresh outlook on life!

Marlie has helped me grow into a more confident person when it comes to my faith, career and my life path. Getting a life coach was important to me, because I was unsure about my next step, and I did not want to continue to have that feeling. I would recommend Marlie Love! I loved working with her, because she didn’t judge me. She provided me with the tools to make my own decisions which was very helpful! I know she can help anyone who is ready to discover their purpose. Thank you, Marlie, for all that you have done. I am confident in my next step, without second guessing myself. I feel like I have a clearer vision of my purpose! All thanks to you!
— Melissa P
Marlie is a fantastic life coach! When we met I was struggling to find my way. For two and half years of I had been taking college courses for a nursing degree and after a while I began to feel like I was going the wrong way in my life. Nursing was not something I wanted to do anymore, however I wanted to help people and make a profound difference in the world. I decided to start searching for a new career path. I felt like I had many options and possibilities and the thought of choosing only one was very overwhelming.
Marlie patiently and kindly helped me when we met in person with different exercises and with prayer to find what I had inside my heart. With her help and some soul searching, I decided to pursue what I felt was best for me; what would make a difference in the world and use my skills and gifts. Within a month – 6 weeks of working with her, I realized that the thought of teaching excited me and I felt happier than I had in a long time. The negatives that would have once have once scared me (time in school, money, time away from family, etc.) no longer overwhelmed me. I decided to take one of the biggest leaps in my life and pursue my education degree. In the spring of 2018 I will start at UMSL to finish my bachelor’s degree in education.
— Beth M.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do you see clients?

Marlie Love Life Coaching coaches clients over the phone and through Zoom. Marlie finds that virtual coaching is very effective, and convenient for business individuals. If you are local to Marlie Love, and would like to meet face-to-face, an extra $50 will be added to the intensive two hour "Discover your Purpose" coaching session and an extra $50 per month will be added to the Three month "Discover your Purpose" coaching package.


What type of payments do you take?

Marlie Love Life Coaching takes payments online. Marlie Love Life Coaching likes to use Paypal because it’s a safe way to do online transactions.


Do you have a refund policy?

Marlie Love Life Coaching has a 7 day refund policy (for Find your Freedom coaching session). If you feel coaching isn’t for you, Marlie Love Life Coaching will refund the full payment within 7 days.


Why should I choose you as a life coach?

Marlie is a life coach that helps professional millennials embrace their worth, and find their life purpose by unleashing their hidden potential. Marlie understand how to help people find their purpose and passions. Marlie has studied prophetic (divine guidance) from the top prophets in the world and the Bible. She can hear the voice of God clearly for people she prays for. She also is skilled in dream interpretation, so she can decipher any messages God is sending you while you dream. If you feel purposeless, anxious, fear-ridden, depressed, lonely, or confused; Marlie is the person to help bring you to a happier place. If you’re ready to work, learn, grow, and have fun – she's the coach for you!