Marlie Love Life Coaching provides three unique group coaching opportunities! See below for more information!

How do we meet? We meet via zoom or conference call each week!


If you have a group of friends, family, or colleagues that are interested in group coaching, but it doesn't specifically align with the group subjects below, contact me anyway! 


Do you want a deeper more organic relationship with your best friends? 

Are you and your girlfriends fighting and not sure how to get the fighting to stop?

Has there been backstabbing and gossip plaguing your best friend group?

Sign up for Marlie Love's Girlfriend Group Coaching!

This six-week course will help you create a strong and special bond with your girlfriends. No one will be able to come in-between your #girlsquad! 


Are you ready to be a wife, but you aren't in a serious relationship? 

Are you engaged and not sure what it means to be a "wife"?

Do you and your girlfriends joke about "being wifey", but no one's taught you how to be the best wife you can be?

Are you and your girlfriends looking for your princes, but keep finding frogs?

Sign up for Marlie Love's "Becoming a Wife" group course! 

This is a six week group course. Through Biblical principles and 21st century life, you'll learn the fundamental principles of being a great wife. Which will lead you to meeting your ideal husband, and enriching your future marriage. 


Are you ready to find your purpose and destiny? 

Do you feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into a reality you don't want to be in?

Do you and your friends live for the weekend and happy hours, because you don't enjoy what you do for work? 

Do you know you were meant for more than what you're doing now? 

Sign up for Marlie Love's 5 steps to purpose and destiny! 

In this six-week course, you will learn how to find your purpose and destiny, so you can live a meaningful life! This course will give you the foundation you need to take those steps to live the life God created you to live!