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Do you want people to stay at your organization/office/business? Try motivating them through their strengths!

A study done by the University of Phoenix in 2013 showed that 80% of 20 somethings, 64% of 30 somethings, and 54% of 40 somethings wanted to change their career. Women are more likely to change their careers and so are college graduates. 20% of those individuals in business management wanted to change their career and 16% of individuals in health management! Why? Is it because they didn't find the right job or is it because the right job wasn't using them to their best benefit?


Marlie Love is a Positive Psychology Certified Life Coach, who studied strengths-based motivation techniques while obtaining her certification.

Marlie Love's
Strengths-Based Millennial Leadership Program. 

Are you experiencing:

  • High millennial turnover 

  • Employee disagreements 

  • Employee mismanagement

  • Negativity in the workplace

Let me help your business save money, by having fun with your employees!

Through my Strengths-Based Millennial Leadership Program, you will learn how to bring motivation and engagement to your millennial employees through proven strengths-based methods. You will also learn how to successfully transform to a strengths-based leader. This program is for millennials in the workforce and individuals managing a millennial workforce.   

Still wondering if this is beneficial?

Do you want to increase productivity? Do you want to decrease turnover? Do you want to increase profits? 

Strengths-based leadership is proven to increase productivity by over 30%! It can increase revenue and profits by over 17%! That's just the beginning...!

The Strengths-Based Millennial Leadership Program includes three modules (they can be purchased separately):

1. Becoming a Strengths-Based Millennial Leader

2. Motivating Employees through Strengths-Based Millennial Leadership

3. Performance Reviews the Strengths-Based Way

This online program will teach you how to incorporate your strengths into your leadership style to motivate and produce highly engaged employees! Don't miss this chance today!

Don't allow high millennial turnover, employee disagreements, or employee mismanagement hurt your business! Order the full Strengths-Based Millennial Leadership Program today for only $250.00 Individual modules are only $100.00!

In less than two hours, you can learn how to be a successful strengths-based millennial leader! 

Watch the first 10 minutes of Module 1: Becoming a Strengths-Based Millennial Leader below!

A 10 minute preview of Marlie Love's Strengths-Based Millennial Leadership Program: Module 1: Becoming a Strengths-Based Millennial Leader. This program is great if you have low millennial productivity and a problem motivating millennial employees. Strengths-based methods are proven to increase revenue by 17% and increase productivity by 30%!