PRE-ORDER: “Discover your Purpose” Five Week Online Training Program.

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PRE-ORDER: “Discover your Purpose” Five Week Online Training Program.

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This is a pre-order price. Full program will be released on June 1, 2019.

 What you get if you sign up for pre-order:
If you pre order, you not only receive the program at the discounted rate of $55 (instead of $110). SAVINGS: $55. You also receive a two hour coaching call with me (instead of the one hour) at the end of the training program SAVINGS $150!
- If you have a friend that wants to join you, you get to have them sign up for free! So instead of $220, it will only be $55 for 2 training programs! To get 2 Programs for 1, add two in your cart and when checking out use promo code: FRIENDPURPOSE. Email me at with your friends email address.
- You’ll get an additional 40% off my three-month coaching package (if you decide to start a business, ministry, or coaching practice…. This is perfect for you!)
- You’ll save over $700 by pre-ordering!

What is the “Discover your Purpose” Five week Online Training Program:
You receive five training videos for five weeks (a video a week) dedicated to teaching you how to live and discover your life purpose.

What do you get with this program 5-week program:
- Each week, a link will be emailed to you, that will take you to a password protected web page. On that page, you will have a specialized training video for a component of living your purpose. You will also have supplemental documents, quizzes, and more to help you further your education on living your purpose.
- You will also receive an E-book copy of my book, Five Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Destiny. This will help as supplemental education for the training program.
- After the five weeks, you will have a one hour live coaching call with me. To tie everything together for you and to make sure you’re on the right track.

How does this program work:
- When you sign up, you will get access to week one’s video, supplemental documents, and the e-book copy of Five Steps to Finding your Purpose and Destiny. A week later, you will receive week’s two’s video, supplemental documents. Each week, you’ll receive a new video and supplemental documents. Week 6 you will get a link to schedule a live call with me to complete the program.

Why you need to take this program:
- This training program has videos that will allow you to dive deeper into understanding how to live your purpose.
- If you feel stuck and like you aren’t living up to your potential, this training program will teach you how to get unstuck, easily!
- This training program will allow you to understand what it means to have a purpose and how it can benefit your life.
- This training program is engineered from years of research and is all Biblically based.
- This training program makes it a lot easier and more affordable to really understand who you are deep down, so you can go and make the world a better place.
- This training program allows you to see what’s really stopping you from being happy and fulfilled.
- This training program is one of the easiest ways to understand who you are and how God fits into your life.
- This training program will allow you to find your dream job, career, and/or business path.

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