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Life coaching Testimonials!

Learn what others have said about working with me as their life coach!


Amy M.

I have had the awesome opportunity of working with Marlie Love Life Coaching. She is truly an amazing woman of God. Her passion for what she does is so evident in the services she provides. I was such a procrastinator in pursing what I know God has called me to do. Marlie with much patience, wisdom and dedication coached me into birthing my ministry.

Even when our sessions ended she pursued me to make sure that I continued in launching the ministry. She has such a sweet spirit and is very professional yet personal. I am forever grateful for her services that coached me and help me to get unstuck. I highly recommend her to anyone in search of a life coach.
(Amy not pictured).

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Diamond M.

Marlie Love is amazing! Working with her really helped me to realize the nuances that were holding me back. She has helped me with banishing procrastination and believing my own voice as opposed to others. I recommend her to anyone for that extra boost or for a complete mental makeover for success personal and professional.


Tiffaney P.

Marlie helped me by getting myself organized on my path, and helping me find my purpose in life. I have my finances in order, I now have healthier relationships, and I’m not all over the place! I have CONFIDENCE now! I would recommend working with Marlie, because she is great at what she does. She’s honest, caring, and passionate! She’s willing to go above and beyond to help you. She will be my forever life coach. She changed my life!!! (Tiffaney not pictured).


Beth M.

Marlie is a fantastic life coach! When we met I was struggling to find my way. For two and half years of I had been taking college courses for a nursing degree and after a while I began to feel like I was going the wrong way in my life. Nursing was not something I wanted to do anymore, however I wanted to help people and make a profound difference in the world. I decided to start searching for a new career path. I felt like I had many options and possibilities and the thought of choosing only one was very overwhelming.
Marlie patiently and kindly helped me when we met in person with different exercises and with prayer to find what I had inside my heart. With her help and some soul searching, I decided to pursue what I felt was best for me; what would make a difference in the world and use my skills and gifts. Within a month – 6 weeks of working with her, I realized that the thought of teaching excited me and I felt happier than I had in a long time. The negatives that would have once have once scared me (time in school, money, time away from family, etc.) no longer overwhelmed me. I decided to take one of the biggest leaps in my life and pursue my education degree. In the spring of 2018 I will start at UMSL to finish my bachelor’s degree in education. (Beth is not pictured.)

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Sanjna M.

"Marlie is awesome! She is gifted in being able to recognize ones purpose. She is able to, in even a short time, to very efficiently put together vital step-by-step plans to help tie together what God has called you into. She is gifted in being a backbone to move your God given vision into a successful action plan. She amazingly stands along side with even your spiritual needs of prayer and intercession. Marlie has been a great accountability and intercessory partner to help move all the things God has called me to in to a smooth flow the way God wants it. Not only does she apply wisdom to achieve the God given goal, but also seeks God for His will in every step. I needed this connection and am beyond satisfied that God brought her to me. I am now in a smooth flow of dedicated time to God daily and bringing things in the one smooth flow God wants. The process that I went through with her helped me break free completely from the works of the spirit of fear, and in turn, I now walk in full confidence fulfilling the call God has in my life for the sake of Gods glory."


Stephanie C.

Marlie Love has impacted my life in more way that I could ever put into words. I had thoughts about what my purpose was, but never the beliefs that I could make it happen. Marlie showed love, positivity, and believed in me as if these things were already happening. Feeling this love and encouragement from her, I was finally able to let go of the limiting beliefs I was clinging on to. Marlie has opened up this faith and ambition I had buried inside, and showed me with God that truly anything is possible! After working with her I finally realized I was standing in my own way. She is so much more than a life coach. She is a mentor and an inspiration; who sees the inner strength and God in everyone she works with. It is full gratitude that I am able to be the woman I am today, and I would not have been able to do it without her guidance!


Melissa P.

Marlie has helped me grow into a more confident person when it comes to my faith, career and my life path. Getting a life coach was important to me, because I was unsure about my next step, and I did not want to continue to have that feeling. I would recommend Marlie Love! I loved working with her, because she didn't judge me. She provided me with the tools to make my own decisions which was very helpful! I know she can help anyone who is ready to discover their purpose. Thank you, Marlie, for all that you have done. I am confident in my next step, without second guessing myself. I feel like I have a clearer vision of my purpose! All thanks to you! (Melissa not pictured).


Morenike W.

"Marlie placed my feet on a path that began a journey to forgiveness, and that forgiveness has been an integral part of unlocking my full potential. Her insight and spirit-led approach were exactly what I needed. My work with Marlie has been transformational and I foresee continuing to work with her more in the future. I recommend her without reservation!"


Ashley F.

Marlie is wonderful at being a life coach. She has given me the support I need to start building a life I love. I know this is her calling and passion from personal work with her. Many aha moments even during the first call we had. She is helping me remove blocks and start a more positive life. If you need to improve your life in any way, Marlie is top notch.


Capucine C.W.

"I have to take a moment and tell you a little bit about Marlie Love Life Coaching. I took a chance with Marlie Love and tried out her 30 min sessions. I was super skeptical at first. What is Life Coaching? I thought to myself "Chile I don't think I need counseling... lol. Well let me tell you, it is not counseling. It is coaching? Marlie becomes your own personal cheerleader for your life. Life sometimes gets complicated and in our career paths we get stuck. I learned in these coaching sessions that is was helpful to have someone to provide and unbiased opinion and cheer-lead me through everything that was going on. I know you're like well that is what my family and friends are for. UM NOPE. Friends and family are sometime too close or wrapped up in their own thing that they can not focus to help you plan out your next move in life. Marlie uses a Christ centered approach to help you organize the confusion. Give her a chance, she provides a free consultation so you can see what she is all about. I gave her a chance and I happy I did."


Sarah T.

If you feel stuck not sure what the next move in your life is. Marlie does a wonderful job at helping you figure out what's next. Through different exercises and a compassionate ear Marlie has helped me through a difficult transition. I am very thankful for your help Thank you Marlie!


Maria G.

Marlie is a wonderful life coach! She is very inspiring, motivating, and really helped me get my life goals on track. Everyone should use a life coach. She is an amazing person I recommend her to anyone!


Ebony C.

Marlie is truly an angel on earth! I can't thank her enough for everything she has done...she gave me that push I needed to get on track! Marlie Love you are greatly appreciated, and I love you with all my heart! Thank you!!